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Steps to getting your team playing to win!


It might just seem too complex to get the dashboard you need. What software to use, where to get the data from, and how to build it…


So we’ve simplified it for you:

1. Choose your metrics - we believe every team member should be able to know if they are winning or losing within 5 seconds. We have provided some suggestions to get you thinking. If you get really stuck, request a video consultation with one of our reporting gurus> They have experience in business so they can help you find the right lead and lag measures to track your game.

2. Choose your design. Each dashboard can be designed and configured to your unique needs. We can use your brand colours for a corporate feel or just have it bright and cheerful!  


3. Lastly, one of our technical team will give you a call to run through what we’ll need to make your dashboard work like magic. Dont worry, we can easily liase with your IT provider if you get stuck.